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Add the spotlight to your formal or graduation


We all remember how important an end of school year function is, starting a new chapter after primary or high school or how much we looked forward to the first university ball and graduating in front of family and friends. By hiring our light up numbers, students will be able to immortalise the memory with beautiful photos commemorating the occasion. They are a sure 'wow factor' to an already special event.


Popular options: Light up 'year' numbers (e.g. 2023, YR6 2023, YR10 2023, YR12 2023, CLASS OF 2023), school or university acronym.

We have worked with many schools and tertiary providers to light up their events across Sydney. From primary and secondary schools to universities. We have helped students of all ages mark their education milestones. Contact us on 0431 478 172 or for competitive pricing. 


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